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Portable Jungle Camping Gear For Outdoor Camping

Portable Jungle Camping Gear For Outdoor Camping

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Gear up for an unforgettable jungle expedition with our Portable Jungle Camping Gear – your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures in the heart of nature. Designed for the intrepid explorer, this comprehensive gear set ensures you're equipped for every challenge the jungle throws your way. From compact and durable tents that provide shelter amidst lush foliage to specialized tools tailored for jungle terrain, our gear is a testament to resilience and functionality. Navigate the wild with ease using our precision-engineered equipment, ensuring a seamless and thrilling camping experience. Pack light, conquer the jungle – make our Portable Jungle Camping Gear your go-to choice for an immersive and prepared outdoor escapade.

Product information:
Tent structure: single-layer tent

Construction condition: Construction is required
Space structure: One bedroom, one living room
Style function: Night fishing
External waterproof coefficient: 2000mm(inclusive)-3000mm(inclusive)
Waterproof coefficient of bottom curtain: 2000mm(inclusive)-3000mm(inclusive)
Pole: Steel frame
Base material: PE
Color: Army green,CB, brown floor cloth, black
2 125cm support rods

Packing list:

1* tent

Accessories: 1 storage bag+10 floor nails+6 wind ropes (excluding poles)

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