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Waterproof Hunting Trail Camera

Waterproof Hunting Trail Camera

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  • 120 degree PIR sensor camera, support 12MP/ 8MP / 5MP selectable image resolution, 1080P 30fps video. Infrared camera survey for wild animals.


  • 1 / 5 / 10 / 30 seconds / minutes interval between motions optional. Camera can be programmed to operate either in PIR mode or time lapse mode.


  •  IR flash for color photo / video day or black and white photo / video at night. HD video with sound.


  • Real temperature, time and date to be stamped in the picture, so you know when the picture or video was taken.


  • 30pcs IR LEDs, super long detection range up to 20m / 66 feet. Trigger time is 1.1s, fast fire continuous shooting, never miss any important picture.


  • IP65 sealed waterproof appearance, effectively prevent rainwater dust and insects from entering.


  • Support Micro SD card (up to 32GB) / USB / AV output (SD card is not included).


  • Great tool for hunting, traveling, camping, tracking domestic / wild animals. Easy to use and mount.


  • It can be triggered by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain region monitored by motion sensor.


  • With the fixed rope with buckle, easy to fix to tree rods and tree branches.


Power Supply:

1. 4pcs AA Alkaline Batteries.With 4pcs AA alkaline batteries (not included), the longest standby time is up to 6 months, please note that the voltage of rechargeable AA batteries (1.2V) is insufficient to power this device.

 2. Solar Panel. Original 6V lithium battery solar panels for optional.

 3. Power Adapter. This camera can also be powered by an external 6V DC adapter.

Package list:

1* HT-001B Camera

1* Belt

1* USB Cable

1* User Manual


Before sending the camera to you, we have set the camera according to the optimal solution. If you have no special requirements, please use it directly.


If you need to personalize your camera, please follow these steps:

1. Insert the battery or connect to an external power supply (please use the appropriate power supply)

2. Insert a brand new TF card (no more than 32GB)

3. Turn the camera switch to "test" or "on" mode, wait 1-5 minutes

4. Unplug the TF and connect it to the computer (not ios system computer)

5. Open "syscfg.dat" by TXT and set the camera(Please refer to the instruction manual)

6. Finally change UPDATE=0 to UPDATE=1



Question 1:What kind of battery does the camera use? How long can I use?


Uses 4*1.5V AA batteries. The length of use depends on the capacity of the batteries and the frequency of use of the camera. It can be used for at least half a month if you use the camera normally. The camera can also use 6-9V 1A external power supply. If the camera is used frequently, it is recommended that you purchase the solar panel of our store to ensure the continuous use of the camera.


Question 2: Can the camera take pictures and record videos at night? Can the camera record sound?

Answer:Yes, it works fine at night. The camera can record sound, but the camera cannot play sounds, and the sound needs to be played on your computer or mobile phone.


Question 3: What is the difference between 850nm and 940nm?

Answer: The 850nm of camera, the LEDs light of the camera is visible at night, but the light will not affect the animals.The 950nm of camera barely sees the camera's light at night, is invisible from 3 meters away. If you use it to prevent thieves, please go to my store and choose a 950nm camera.


Question 4: Can the camera send MMS? Can it sends photos to my phone and email?

Answer: Our cameras are divided into normal cameras and 2G/3G/4G cameras. Normal cameras cannot send MMS, and they cannot send photos to mobile phones and email. 2G/3G/4G cameras can send MMS messages, which can be sent photos to mobile phones and mailboxes. This camera is a normal camera.


Question 5: What kind of SD card does the camera use?

Answer: The camera uses 8G/16G/32G SD cards with a speed of C10 or higher, and some cameras support 64GB SD cards.

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